The Good Shepherd

Those who follow Jesus have a willingness to let light shine through the crevices of their questions and doubts.

The Doorway to New Life

All the bits and pieces of life that we deem incomplete and unworthy, God can gather and transform into a new life and a new Kingdom.

Struggling to Believe?

What do you do when you are not sure?

I Believe in the Resurrection

The miracle of Easter is that Jesus comes out of the tomb and returns to the people who crucified him.


In Christ, our interruptions become holy. In Christ we have the freedom to live our lives for him.

Completing the Circle

Jesus invites us to bring all the world to share in his light and joy.

Transformation and Miracles

God is not somewhere else. God is here!

God is Good

God does not promise a life free of trouble, but a safe arrival

Who Needs Prophets?

We need Prophets!

Wake Up!

Advent is here! Time to turn off the noise.