EYC Youth (6th - 12th grades)


     EYC is the Youth Ministry program at St. Mark's! Who can be in EYC? Anyone in 6th-12th grades! We are both a fellowship forming and a faith forming group! Our balance of work and play can fit in anyone's schedule! This coming year we will be having bible studies, fun events, and we are seeing some exciting changes in our Youth Ministry!! Our activities and shenanigans will continue, nevertheless!  

     If you are new, know that you are always welcome! If you click the "Weekly Activities" and "EYC Calendar" pages, you will see what/where/when we do things! 

     At St. Mark's we encourage our members to get involved! In middle and high school, we have a few opportunities for you to join, in addition to EYC, of course!! The Acolyte program, led by Jacques Lasseigne, is a wonderful opportunity for some hands on work in church and during Sunday services! St. Mark's also has an amazing Choir program, conducted by Bryan Mitnaul, and I know he would be thrilled to hear from you! 

     We also want to encourage y'all to attend the Diocesan Youth Events! Please click the "EYC in the Diocese" tab to learn more! 

     If you have any questions or would like to learn more about getting involved with the St. Mark's Youth, please contact Drew Christiansen at 318-221-3360 - Drew@stmarkscathedral.net.