Striving for the Kingdom

Jesus' Kingdom is not of this world. But you and I are part of that Kingdom

Life Interrupted

Do not be afraid! The best days of your life are always in front of you.

Are We All In?

How can we express to God that we belong to him?


What does withholding the fuller and more generous gift of ourselves from God do to us?


To be great in the kingdom of God is to value and live the priorities of Christ. He came among us as one who served, including serving those who could not give anything in return. His ministry included welcoming the marginalized, binding up the broken-hearted, and setting captives free. Servanthood may not be a popular notion, but it is a means of God’s grace and transformation!

The Two Shall Become One

It is difficult to be both "right" and married. But God shapes the human heart for love

Going About Doing Good

Jesus is teaching his disciples - and us - about how large God's vision really is.

The Last Shall Be First

Jesus wants us to see that our existence relies on God's grace and not our own efforts

Carrying Our Cross

If our lives are going to lead us where Jesus is going, we must follow where he leads; rather than having Jesus follow us where we would lead him.

Be Opened

Be opened to the voice of God speaking from places you consider unholy.