Youth Council


Mission Trips.  Uganda.  Appalachian Trail.  Skiing.  Arkansas.  Travel away from Shreveport.  Moe Ranch.  Honduras.  Maybe Israel in a few years. 

I shared with the Group that if we plan a significant out of country experience that we would plan for and save space for kids who may have gone to college.

It was clear in our discussion that there is a nearness to God that we feel when we leave our well-worn paths of home, school, and schedule.  All of the trips mentioned are imminently possible with planning and parental commitment.  I will be working with Drew and a few others about putting together a travel schedule for the next 24 months.

I will also be visiting with adults who might find this sort of travel and spiritual exploration a discovery process of their own.


There was a real sense of being “out of the loop.”  We found a few volunteers who are working on a new Instagram Account for the Group, and they are putting together a text loop so that folks can be in touch.

My contribution will be to make sure that the Group events, calendar, and trajectory are posted on the Website, the Newsletter, the Messenger – in that order.  WE WILL NOT RELY UPON FACEBOOK OR SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PRIMARY ANNOUNCEMENTS.  We will  use those accounts simply for reminders and promotions.

I mentioned the possibility of building an information kiosk in the back of the Sanctuary – on wheels – for Youth Announcements.  It could be a gathering point on Sundays following the service to see what is happening on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

We also spoke of doing some marketing in the schools via bulletin boards and handouts that have a “cool” graphic presentation – we have a volunteer working on that as well.


I asked the Group about how and where they “connect” with God and others.  There were many wonderful stories and examples of where they feel themselves connected to God and others – camp, band, horseback riding, lock-in’s, road trips, sports teams, Happening.

We decided that the Coffice/Rhino check-in afternoons were a good thing.  The dean Johnson said that he would like to have a high school Bible study on Friday mornings – 6.30am/Julie Anne’s in the Fall for club time, study, sharing, and planning.  Dean Johnson will create and publish a calendar with those details.  Father Drew will work on Coffice dates.

Dean Johnson was amazed at the depth and desire of the group to spend meaningful time together in getting together with one another.


Father Drew and Dean Johnson and Colby Grayson and others will work on creating a monthly or bi monthly youth worship service at 6.00pm in the Chapel on Sunday nights.  Someone other than Dean Johnson will pick the music.  The goal is to have members of the Group plan and execute the service for the benefit of the parish.



Whit Davis said that he would help with Video Game tournaments and intermural athletics.

Noah Courtman in charge of getting the text loop established, and getting those to dean Johnson.

William Bartle is looking at creating a new Instagram account with Emma Cate Daily.  William also said that he would advertise at Byrd.

Colby Grayson is going to be in touch with his availability and help with the dean with some worship ideas.

Anna Claire Taylor is going to help with finding a good girls Bible study for the restart of the girls Bible study with Sarah Wilkes and other leaders.  I anticipate that we will need either homes or a location in which to have a regularly scheduled group meeting.

Theresa Johnson will help lead the singing for the Group worship that we are planning for the parish.