Ale and The Almighty

Ale and the Almighty

We are really excited to see where Ale and the Almighty goes next.This is our new offering for 20’s and 30’s (and the 20’s and 30’s at heart). But it is not just for St. mark’s, but an offering for the whole community.
What an exciting first year for Ale and the Almighty. We have had a great time in both our speaker series, where we have hosted several speakers and our lectionary series taught by me. I would also like to make the point to thank Frank Harris, Blake Jackson, and Grant Nuckolls for giving our group a home to meet at their respective businesses (Frank’s Pizza Napoletana, Drake Catering, and Twisted Root). This community’s formation has been a really exciting part of this year. We have also, began adding some fellowship events for our group to continue to grow into a deep community.

We meet on Monday night from 6 – 7 at locations to be announced.

We also will have seasonal events at Frank’s Pizzeria with guest speakers.