Dear Friends,

Gathering about travel to Israel - September 8th, 6pm, Garden Room/Ministry Center, St. Marks.               

                As many of you know I was blessed in being able to travel to Israel earlier this year with a group from AIPAC.  This was my third trip to Israel, and further confirmed a personal sense of vocation and calling about the presence and future of life in Israel.  Each trip has been both a discovery and a confirmation of story of God's people, and my own story as a child of God.

                During this recent visit I was able to reconnect with an old friend, Menachem Wertheim, and Israeli guide and educator.  Menachem guided a trip that I took with the Diocese of Mississippi in 2008.  He is an exceptional guide.  I asked Menachem if he might be traveling in the US soon, and if he would visit Shreveport to make a presentation to our congregation.  I would like to arrange a trip for St. Mark's in the coming 16-18 months.

                Menachem will be in Shreveport September 8th.

                We will gather for visiting and refreshments at 6:00pm - with a presentation to follow in the Garden Room, in the Ministry Center, at St. Mark's on Thursday, September 8th.

                I encourage you to join us if you would like to travel to Israel in the coming few years.  I encourage you to join us if you are not planning to travel to Israel, and are simply curious about pilgrimage and the nation of Israel.  I will name a time in the evening once we have a better sense of Menachem's travel plans.


                Yours in Christ,

                Alston Johnson

                Dean, St Marks