There is an old saying in the Eastern religions - "When the teacher is needed . . . the teacher is provided." 

I have found that is often true in life, and that God sometimes sends teachers in our direction from the "left-handed" side of of life.  The left-handed side of life is generally that portion of our lives where we are not the expert, where we have no power, and where we are reintroduced to the childhood we all share in God.

When I was younger, I had a number of ideas about the nature of how God works in our lives; but when our son Benjamin was born, and we discovered his disabilities, I began a journey into grace, patience, and powerlessness that most normally functioning human beings would honestly seek to avoid.

I bring Benjamin to work for both of us.  He reminds me that God is caring and talking to each of his children in a way that is as unique as the fingerprints on our hands.  Benjamin watches Lawrence Welk and the Wiggles, while I exegete, eisegete, and take that meandering path back to God Sunday to Sunday.  And the voice and presence of God descends upon us both in some beautiful and mysterious way.

It is so often in the broken places that we find the blessings.