Farmer Brown’s pig enjoys eating ... in fact, that

is the one thing that he really spends a lot of time

doing. He can usually be found under the large oak

tree in the corner of Farmer Brown’s pig pen. He especially

likes it there because that part of the pig pen has

everything that he needs.

In the hot summer time, Farmer

Brown’s pig enjoys the shade of that

large oak. He can spend hours there in

the coolness of the shade of that tree.

Although he enjoys that shady spot a

great deal, he never bothers to look up

to see what makes the ground such a

good place to be.

Under that same tree is a big mud

hole that Farmer Brown’s pig wades

around in and lays down in several

times a day. The rain that falls from

the sky keeps it filled, but the pig never

bothers to look up and see where the

water comes from. He just enjoys the

mud hole.

In the fall of the year, he eats bushels

of acorns that fall from the tree. He

finds them on the ground and gobbles

them up without ever looking up to see

where they came from. He likes the

acorns. He uses them for his good, but

he never looks higher than the ground

on which he finds them.

Farmer Brown’s pig spends his time

enjoying his “blessings” without ever

looking up. He never thinks about

where all of those good things he likes

come from. We often laugh at him because

he is a pig, but when we fail to realize

that God is the source of the many

good and perfect gifts that come from

on high, we are much like the pig.

Don’t be guilty of only looking at

your blessings, without also looking

up to see where they have come from.

As God blesses us with all the things

we have, we should be willing to return

some of these blessings. Returning

to God a fair portion of our blessings

shows that we know where our blessings

come from and shows that we are

thankful to God for what we have been